Alarm Systems

Reliable alarm systems, whether they be wired or wireless, are designed to detect the presence of intruders and can be a visible and practical deterrent to break ins and burglaries. Sophisticated and user-friendly systems are available for installation by Woolton Aerials and are an affirmative measure to protecting your home, premises and possessions.

Installation rates start at less than £300 but contact our office to arrange a full FREE survey and to discuss the options available to you. We can install alarm systems in domestic and commercial properties at a highly competitive rate.

Infinite Prime Wireless Alarm System

The Infinite Prime is a top-of-the-range home security management system. Quick to install, this system is an effective intruder alarm, versatile and user friendly. Smoke detectors and household appliances can also be linked up and the system can be operated via smartphone. Unlike ither 'wireless' systems which do, in fact, use cables to the sounders, Infinite Prime only requires a power cable to the control panel. Other features include:

  • Long battery life
  • Safe methods of transmission
  • Excellent design
  • Back up batteries
  • Voice control
  • Text alerts

Honeywell Wired Alarms

Honeywell manufacture high-specification wired domestic intruder alarms and offer a range of products for homeowners with pets. Honeywell products can even be armed when pets are at home. Additional PIRs (Passive Infared Sensors) can be added to the systems to develop the exact alarm system to suit the layout of your home or premises. Woolton Aerials can perform a free survey and offer expert recommendations for the installation of a choice of Honeywell wired alarms.

Texecom Wired Alarms

Woolton Aerials can install a range of high-quality Texecom alarm systems. Texecom products offer superb flexibility via a variety of LCD keypads providing a comprehensive range of menu option programming. Multiple terminals can be set up in fully-programmable zones, set up and operation is simple and provides a superior user-interface.

With many models available contact us for a survey and let us recommend a Texecom wired alarm system that will suit your requirements.

Benefits of Infrared Alarms

Infrared alarms can provide excelllent protection from intrduers ata relatively low cost. Modern systems are very versatile with a range of programming permutations. Different zones in your property can be armed independently and installation is a simple process.

The sensor detects movement and changes in temperature in its range and then trigger a sound or a lighting device. Wireless systems are cheaper and less disruptive to install but if buildings are left empty for a long period of time a wired solution may be preferable due to the possiblility of batteries in a wireless system becoming exhausted.

Woolton Aerials can provide a comprehensive installation service and combine alarm systems with CCTV setups.

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