Woolton Aerials can offer a range of solutions to suit your requirements. We have the knowledge and expertise to install whatever equipment necessary to keep you up to date with the ever-changing world of digital media. What's more, our installation engineers will explain all usage instructons and tell you everything you need to know about your new hardware.

Whatever your circumstances Woolton Aerials will be able to install an aerial or satellite dish at a highly-competitive rate. Listed below are some of the aerials we can supply and fit each having a different role and providing different benefits in particualr situations.

Log Periodic Aerials

Log periodic aerials are the ideal solution for modern day digital TV. They can give a consistent signal strength for all Freeview channels and they are easy to install horizontally or vertically, outside, on the roof or in a loft.

These aerials are comparitively cheap to buy and install and are suited to areas with good signal strength with severe multipath distortion.

Vision 32 Wideband Aerial

The Vision 32 is a compact digital aerial with a robust construction made from high-quality components. The Vision 32 is ideal to maximise signal reception, can be mounted horizontally or vertically and is equipped with a ventilated weather-proof junction box.

This aerial is suitable for digital TV in poor or weak reception areas and is equipped with filters to reduce interference from other sources including the new 4G mobile broadband signals. A corrosion resistant aluminium finish comes as standard and this aerial is perfectly suited for boosting signals to multiroom installations.

Satellite Dishes

Ask us about the installation of a new or replacement satellite dish. Woolton Aerials can install the latest satellite receiver technology.

Dishes of various sizes can be installed depending on your requirements. Most dishes are fine for receiving standard satellite TV or you may consider the larger model if you want to upgrade to HD.

Installations are finalised on an individual basis so contact us today for free advice and to decide on the best solution for you.

Multiroom TV

With the wide range of TV and radio channels available today as well as internet TV a multiroom system enables you to watch, listen and browse in any room in your home. A multiroom system, or home distribution system, can be installed and configured with any digital entertainment or media system allowing each room to receive media independently.

With home distribution our engineers are experts at making it possible for you to have several TV points in your house to receive digital TV, or add a link facility giving you the ability to transfer your digital system anywhere around your home.

Ask us today about an easy and inexpensive upgrade from your existing system which will improve the viewing pleasure for the whole family.

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